Fenchurch Markets provides commercial matching broking and advisory services in the physical oil markets. Based in the City of London, our mission is refreshingly simple: we aim to provide at or better than market levels across the oil/products our clients trade. We do this via our global client network of producers, traders, refiners and users. This translates to our clients as what we like to call, Advantage through Insight.


Our commercial broking and advisory activities touch all corners of the globe, from the aviation fuel that powers the aircraft flying you to Tokyo, to the gasoline used by the taxi to take you from the airport to your hotel, to the marine bunker fuel used in the container ship delivering your new mobile phone; there is every chance that Fenchurch Markets has played its small yet significant role somewhere along the physical oil supply chain.


Our brokers are experts in their respective fields. As a Fenchurch Markets client you can feel secure in knowledge that you are in touch with the best people, enabling you to compete and trade in an evolving marketplace with confidence. Very reassuring. Very British. Very Fenchurch.